A Pirate Story for the Husband

10 Jun

Pat and I have a very long-running joke that goes like this: I tell him I just read a great book and he says, “Okay, but did it have any pirates in it?” Or he suggests we see a movie and I say, “Well I would say yes but it sounds like there are no pirates in it….” When we make this joke we then pepper our next few sentences with “Yar!” or “Har ye mateys!” or the like. This joke waned during the Pirates of the Caribbean years because of course there was just too much pirate in the air. But it’s made a comeback lately. When I announced to Pat that I had successfully met my Micro May challenge of writing a daily shorty every day of the month, he said, “That’s so great, Honey. But did you write any stories about pirates??” So I promised a pirate story. I actually like this draft a lot, but it didn’t come easy. Notice the word length.

Working Title: No. 1 Fan Demands Pirate Story
1st Sentence: PirateDude79.
Favorite Sentence: Does he stare meaningfully into the benign indifference and arch an eyebrow because he is a man born to melodramatic gesture and his name is a coincidence, or does his name force him into it?
Word Length: 2,861

Image from Open Clip Art Library.

One Response to “A Pirate Story for the Husband”

  1. Pat July 7, 2012 at 1:56 PM #

    Finally! 😉

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