A Sad One

7 Jun

Really happy with what I’m calling my June Story-Jam so far. A couple of stinkers in the beginning that nevertheless served an important purpose because I was trying new things in them. Now on the seventh day of June I see that I’ve written already four or five shorties so far this month that may be strong stories when I revise them. And yesterday and today I was more intentional than usual about process and my own daily and writing rhythms. Will that continue?

Working Title: Did Cleopatra Wear Her Hair Up?
1st Sentence: We saw a show about Cleopatra.
Favorite Sentence: I told her about the woman at the pharmacy who couldn’t shut up about her new dog, then I rattled off all the details I knew she’d want—“a poodle but she’s not going to do that stupid cut, gray, girl, shy of other dogs, really affectionate, Mimsy, Purina Puppy Chow with a little bologna for a treat.”
Word Length: 713

Photo by Eslam17.

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