Kicking off Week 6!

5 Jun

I didn’t reward myself with a virtual treat yesterday for completing Week 5 because I wanted to illustrate that post with a picture of Anne Boleyn. So delayed (virtual) gratification delayed no more: An ice cream cone for putting another week in the bag.

Working Title: To the Skeptics
1st Sentence: This is how I know Madame Talantua is for real: She never once told me what I wanted to hear.
Favorite Sentence: She gasped, kind of, and her eyes popped open to look at me so hard it felt like she was pinning something to my face, and I thought, goddamn, now she’s seeing right into me, like I’ll never be able to see myself, this is the best twenty bucks of my life.
Word Length: 1,246

Photo by ElinorD July 2007.

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