The Merry Month of May!

31 May

A virtual box of chocolates to celebrate writing a daily shorty the entire month of May! Yeehaw! See May’s Story Facts + page for a geeky round-up of the month and some reflection on how the month went. I’ll say here that drafting a shorty every day for a month was shockingly easy. I looked forward to my writing session every day, I was constantly looking for time to revise stories I’d written in previous days, and the number of total clunkers is very low: 4, so an average of 1 per week. Which is not to say that the other 27 stories will all turn out to be submittable. Many of the stories escaped the label “clunker” because I tried something new and fun or because one element of the story really pleased me. I think 15 to 20 are well worth revising and at least 10 feel like they will become strong pieces I will be proud to submit. At least 3 are ready for submission now. These happy numbers FAR exceed my wildest expectations for May. Full steam ahead!

Working Title: Flower Diaries
1st Sentence: Buttercups.
Favorite Sentence: Her mother was furious that her teacher had allowed a damned Hare Krishna to cheat her daughter of lunch and a memento of the trip, so mad she’d practically slapped the flowers from her hands.
Word Length: 719

Photo by Hans Lindqvist 12/2008

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