Week 2 in the bag!

14 May

Virtual chocolate chip cookies to celebrate the end of Week 2! Check out May’s Story Facts + page for a geeky take on the week. I’ll say here that I’m not finishing the week in style. May 12 I wrote a clunker, May 13 a minimally pleasing story I don’t expect to revise into something I would submit, and the same today. Do I have only clunkers and unsubmittables ahead for May?

Working Title: Coat Closet
1st Sentence: So I like to spend a little time in the closet every day.
Favorite Sentence: Then Rachel comes over—no phone call and no knock on the door, just barges in—and when she hangs her coat up she sees my feet and screams like a banshee, like my feet are so hideous, like she’s never seen my scabby slippers, like a woman can’t meditate in her own damn coat closet if she wants to.
Word Length: 461

Photo by Rdsmith4

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